Welcome to SVUSD’s Electronic Flyer Distribution Center.  We are pleased to offer this electronic site to place and view community flyers. 

If you would like to view community flyers, please click on the "View Flyers" button at the top or bottom of this page.

If you would like to submit a flyer for placement on this Electronic Distribution site, please follow the following instructions (please note that all flyers must be submitted in PDF format):

  1. Click on the "Submit a Flyer" link at the top of the page to submit your flyer.
  2. Please complete the registration form, which includes specific placement of your flyer by school or level.  Note:  a copy of your non-profit status must be on file in the Educational Services Division before your flyer will be reviewed.  If you are not sure if this document is on file, please contact Trish Shepherd in Educational Services at (949)580-3238.
  3. Once all information is completed, please submit your flyer in PDF format.
  4. Once submitted, please allow 10 working days for approval.
  5. You will be advised via email when your flyer is approved.
  6. Upon approval, your flyer will be automatically posted on the site(s) requested for up to the 31-days indicated on your submission form.
  7. All flyers are approved in accordance with SVUSD Board Policy 1326.

What is a PDF file?

PDF maintains the format of the original so when it is downloaded, it is printed with consistency.  To create a PDF from your computer, you will need a PDF Creation Program. For Windows and Mac OS 9 users these programs are available online and at local computer stores. For MAC 0S X users simply, go to file print, do a “save as” pdf and name your file.

If you have a scanner, check the software for a PDF creation tool or method.

Another option would be to contact a local copier business.  They will be able to put your flyer into PDF format for a small charge.



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